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Welcome to Liss Archaeology



  • We have about 130 volunteer members, who carry out archaeological investigations and excavations under professional supervision across East Hampshire and West Sussex.

  • Our group was originally formed in 2004 to investigate a Romano-British site in West Liss, where an aisled building with bath house and courtyard were discovered.

  • In 2009 we moved on to explore a new and exciting site near Colemore, with ongoing research, geophysics surveys and excavation carried out by enthusiastic volunteers.

  • Since 2016 we have also been exploring a Romano-British settlement near Petersfield and have a number of other ongoing projects, including the Petersfield Big Dig in July.


News as at 20 July 2023


With winter approaching and our excavations finished we would like to offer membership until 31 March 2025 to brand new members who apply after 30th September.  More details on our "Join" page.

Petersfield Big Dig

Our current project is the Petersfield Big Dig, ongoing until the end of July. This event is organised in conjunction with Petersfield Town Council, the Petersfield Area Historical Society and Petersfield Museum. It is part of the British Festival of Archaeology. This means that there are some opportunities for public participation at weekends.

For more information see our website specific to this project at

Ludshott Common

For some time Liss Archaeology has been working with the National Trust (NT) at Ludshott Common. This area was used extensively by troops as a base and training area during both World Wars. Our role has been to discover, map and identify any archaeological features, of which there are many. This is so that the NT can plan its forestry operations to avoid damaging such features.

The National Trust is arranging a number of guided walks, one of which will be led by us to explain the archaeology.

For more details and to make a booking, please visit the NT website here.

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