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Community archaeology in
Hampshire, UK


Activities for the remainder of 2023

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all events are for members of Liss Archaeology only for liability insurance reasons.

For membership information, further information, queries from college and university students seeking practical experience, or to volunteer to help with events, please contact us by email at


Summer Dig - Petersfield Big Dig - 14 to 31 July 2023

During the annual British Festival of Archaeology we will be carrying out a new explorations on several exciting sites in Petersfield, on land owned by the Town Council and in several private gardens around The Spain and Sheep Street. Although the dig will be undertaken by members, we hope that local residents including children will be able to participate to some extent and watch our progress. More information on the specific location will be provided later this month on a separate website and we expect we will be asking members to help with preliminary geophysics surveys (magnetometry and resistivity), in mid-June.   Days off during the dig will be Wednesdays.

Online bookings are now closed.

Contact us to check availability.


Ludshott Common Guided Walks - 19 & 26 July 2023

Liss Archaeology has been working on a joint project with the National Trust to identify archaeological features on Ludshott Common, so that they are not damaged by forestry operations on the Common. The Common was used as a military base and training area during both World Wars.

There will be a number of guided walks on the Common on these two Wednesdays, organised by Haslemere Museum; one of these will be led by Liss Archaeology. For more information and details of how to book, please see the National Trust website here.

Autumn Dig - Colemore - 24 August to 26 Sept 2023

Bookings are now open for our Autumn Dig, which is again planned to be at the Iron Age and Romano-British site near Colemore; we have been exploring in a large field here, usually for 2 months each year, for a decade now.


We usually plan excavations on both the Romano-British villa and on what would have been the ditches around the Iron Age 'ladder enclosure'.

This dig is for members only.   Online bookings have closed, email for availability.

Geophysics surveys, throughout the year

The Fieldwork Committee has a list of potential sites that we have been asked to scan, using our non-destructive geophysics techniques - resistivity and magnetometry. These events often have to be arranged at short notice, depending on the landowners, weather forecasts and the condition of the ground being surveyed.


The next survey is expected to be a magnetometry and resistivity scan of a site near Petersfield on Monday 7th August. This will be at the site of a farm that disappeared from maps in the late 1800s. An email will be sent to members asking for volunteers to assist.

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