Community archaeology in
Hampshire, UK


Activities for 2021

The events listed below are now all confirmed but, depending on changing Government and professional guidelines, our working practices will be subject to additional COVID-19 precautions.

Please note that, unless otherwise  stated, all events are for members of Liss Archaeology only.

For membership information, further information and to volunteer to help with events, please contact us by email at lissarchaeology@gmail.com


May and June 2021 (events finished)

Geophysics days

In preparation for some of our digs later in the year and to train and give practice to our members we held a number of one-day events in May, June and July to undertake geophysics scans in Alton and Liss.


17 July - 1 August 2021 (event finished)

Alton Big Dig

The Alton Big Dig in 2019 - our first - was a great success.  In the Public Gardens we found archaeology ranging from the Romano-British period through Tudor, Civil War and Victorian eras up to the Second World War. Over 600 visitors were shown around the site during the Dig and some 120 children took part in the children's activities.

With agreement from the Town Council we were given permission to continue our exploration in Alton in July, to coincide with the British Festival of Archaeology. We dug numerous test pits in the Public Gardens as well as in two private gardens, in Lenten Street and Tanhouse Lane.  The most interesting finds have been passed to the Curtis Museum.


14 August - 5 September 2021 (event ongoing)

Exploration in Petersfield area

Bookings are now closed for this annual summer dig. We have been exploring the mainly Romano-British archaeology near Petersfield in Hampshire for the last 5 years, with great success.  Our focus this year is to continue excavation on the main site where we started uncovering an interesting R-B structure in 2019.

CM918 Day 3 drone-2.jpg

18 September - 3 October 2021

Colemore Dig

Bookings for members will close shortly for our autumn Colemore dig, which will be shorter and on a smaller scale than in past years.  Colemore is near Farringdon in Hampshire and has been our major exploration site for the last decade. Previous geophys surveys and digs have revealed a complex of archaeology features and finds, mostly Romano-British but some dating back to the Iron and Bronze Ages, including ditches, enclosures, buildings and evidence of metal manufacture.

We expect to be undertaking excavation of 3 to 4 test pits rather than large trenches, because of the ongoing impact of COVID restrictions on working in large trenches.