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Community archaeology in
Hampshire, UK


Provisional activities for 2024

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all events are for members of Liss Archaeology only, for liability insurance reasons.

For membership information, further information, queries from college and university students seeking practical experience, or to volunteer to help with events, please contact us by email at

Spring Dig - Colemore - 25 April to 28 May 2024

It's time to polish your trowels again. Our Colemore Spring Dig runs from Saturday 27th April to Sunday 26th May; the middle Sundays are rest days.   Kit moving and grid set-up is on 25th April, further kit moving and set-up on 26th April, take-down on 27th May and contingency take-down 28th May - there is no charge for helping on these days.  

We require a contribution of £8 per day for all dig days to help cover costs - we don't make a profit.  Full-time students under 25 are asked to make a £4 contribution per day.  If you are struggling to pay please contact us as we would like everyone to be involved regardless of their financial situation and reduced rates are available upon request.  Contributions are non-refundable. Membership is required to participate in LA activities, for insurance purposes, so make sure you have renewed your subscription.
New members wishing to take part should book at least one session during the first two weeks so we can give some basic training before things get busy.
Book your dates by clicking here.


Summer Dig - Petersfield Big Dig - 12 to 29 July 2024

During the annual British Festival of Archaeology we will for the second time be carrying out a new explorations on several exciting sites in Petersfield, on land owned by the Town Council and in several private gardens around The Spain and Sheep Street. This follows from the success of the first such dig in Petersfield last summer.


Although the dig will be undertaken by members, we intend that local residents including children will be able to participate to some extent and watch our progress. More information on the specific locations in the town will be provided nearer the time on the Big Dig website and we expect to be asking members to help with preliminary geophysics surveys (magnetometry and resistivity), in mid-June. Days off during the dig will be Wednesdays.


Autumn Dig - Location TBC - 5 Sep to 30 Sep 2024

Although we have agreed provisional dates for the Autumn Dig, the location has still to be confirmed. We had hoped last year to continue our annual dig on a farm near Petersfield but were prevented from doing so by the effect the bad weather had on the harvest. Explorations on the farm have revealed two main areas of Romano-British activity but geophysics last year also indicated an area of interest from a later period.

We will confirm the intended location once discussions have taken place with the landowners regarding crops and harvest dates.

This dig is also for members only. Training will be provided for new members. More details will be sent to members once dates are confirmed. Days off will be Sundays.

Geophysics surveys, throughout the year

The Fieldwork Committee has a list of potential sites that we have been asked to scan, using our non-destructive geophysics techniques - resistivity and magnetometry. These events often have to be arranged at short notice, depending on the landowners, weather forecasts and the condition of the ground being surveyed.

Requests for volunteers to help with scans will usually be circulated by email to members.

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