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Liss Archaeology Data Protection Policy -

Statement of Privacy

  1. Liss Archaeology (LA) is a non-profit making, community archaeology group of volunteers working in the UK and is a membership organisation for individuals from 18 years and older.

  2. LA aims to offer a full range of archaeological fieldwork and research activities involving all members of the community following professional archaeological guidelines and protocols and to fully record, report and publish work undertaken. (See our Aims for further information).

  3. LA is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our membership. This LA Statement of Privacy sets out the way that personal information (data) is collected, processed and stored in accordance with current UK data protection laws (The Data Protection Act 1998 and EU General Data Protection Regulation). It may be updated at times as required by law.

  4. Personal information is collected when an individual joins LA as a member; takes part in LA activities and events; requests to be on our mailing list, etc.

  5. Personal information is information that identifies a person and includes: name; address; telephone number(s); email address; payment information; information about volunteering; information from social media; allergies; and relevant past and present medical conditions.

  6. LA collects only such personal information that permits the group to carry out usual, legitimate procedures.  These are; keeping members informed with regard to activities and events; organising and carrying out activities and events; handling enquires and queries.

  7. Personal information is only accessible to a few committee members and on occasion team leaders if appropriate for them to carry out their duties.

  8. Personal information may be used to; process membership applications and renewals; process activity and event bookings; offer volunteer opportunities; offer fundraising opportunities; keep people informed; occasionally offer third party news and volunteer activities by way of forwarding such information to members.

  9. LA will not pass or sell on any personal information to any other organisation. Personal information is for the use of LA only.

  10. LA will only share personal information when required to do so by law when requested by government or law enforcement agencies.

  11. It is usual for LA to forward third party communications directly to the membership when planning or carrying out joint projects.

  12. On rare occasions LA may request permission from members to share some personal information with a third party such as another archaeology group when joint work is undertaken. LA prefers to ask individuals to share their own information in this case.

  13. LA will only contact individuals who have given permission for contact to take place.

  14. LA takes the privacy and safety of the members personal information seriously and ensures that the data is held securely, is accessed by very few authorised personnel and the internal processes and systems are reviewed at regular intervals. Paper forms used in the field are kept secure and are destroyed at the end of each event.  (Paper is required for the emergency services in case of urgent situations where electronic forms are unavailable due to remote locations).

  15. Personal information is held throughout paid-up membership. Membership is due annually on 31st March. Any member can request to see the personal information held about them or ask to have it deleted/removed by contacting the Membership Secretary by email to

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