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Geophys at Colemore north of the pond

This is the magnetometry plot as at 8 October, covering an area of 27 grid squares (each 20 x 20 metres).  The plot is north-oriented and the fenced area surrounding the pond is the green triangular area at the bottom.  As you can see, there are some linear features radiating north and north-west from the pond as well as many 'blobs' indicating individal targets.


The plot below shows the resistivity scans as at 4 October.  Whilst it takes as little as 10 mins to scan an area 20 x 20 metres using mag, it takes typically 45 minutes to do the same with resistivity so progress is much slower and the area covered to date is much less.  This scan is therefore only of an area 40 x 40 metres:

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