• David Quick

CM517 - a cold and rainy Day 5

Today we had a smaller team on site but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in productivity. From the outset it was quite a chilly day - almost too cold for short-sleeved shirts - and in the afternoon it was spitting with rain.

Juliet split the dig team into three:

1. The five ladies continuing work on the darker soil at the north end of the trench, that may or may not be the continuation of the enclosure ditch;

(click on thumbnails to see larger images)

2. Mark and David working on sectioning the three postholes just south of the dark patch, that appear roughly equi-spaced, in a diagonal line and with the sockets lined with large flints;

3. The two new team members working on the southern end of the trench where there seems to be a layer of packed flints again.

The postholes are interesting and are alike in their construction - similar-sized holes encircled with large flints.

To see a zoomable drone image of Trench 'S', click here. To see a virtual 3d model of the trench that you can move around with your mouse click here.

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