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CM517 Day 11 and it was scorching

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Back at the Trench after our Tuesday rest day and the weather was wonderful, positively scorching. It was also fairly hectic.

First, there were some very interesting small finds - one of which was so fragile that I had to ring up David Hopkins and then David Allen at the Hampshire Cultural Trust to get specialist conservation advice on how to prevent it deteriorating further. We do not have any photos at this stage I'm afraid.

At lunchtime Arthur Mills arrived and despite his back he was able to show us his latest "work in progress" artist's impression of the building at Colemore, based on the foundations found to date and the thickness of the walls (which at 80cm thick suggests more than one storey). Juliet asked him to make small amendments but the drawings will be very useful to show visitors. Arthur then kindly took these photos for the blog while I was working on finds and showing a visitor around:

The team at the northern end of the ditch had finished clearing a feature within the ditch in context 1002, which I gather may be where part of the bank next to the enclosure ditch eventually collapsed into the ditch:

Finally, here are a couple of the latest drone photos. The first shows the northern end of Trench 'S', as seen above but from vertically overhead, and the second shows the full extent of the trench (with north to the left):

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