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CM917 - the first weekend

This dig started off the way every dig should - fine weather again, several new members as well as lots of regulars, slick admin and a prompt start.

To start off, Juliet had us finish cutting up the turf we had lifted into manageable chunks to make it easier to re-lay at the end of the dig. Kayleigh then took charge of our new recruits in evaluation trench 55 (4 metres square) while Juliet and our experienced members got on with Trench U. Liz was also being trained up as a supervisor by Juliet.

Almost straight away we had some interesting finds from the topsoil, including this Romano-British tile made with three finger marks curving across the wet clay as a maker's mark:

Much of the rest of the day was spent trowelling back in U and 55 to get sharp edges on the trench and a good level all the way across the trench. There were already clear colour differences in certain areas but these became more difficult to see as the day got hotter and the ground dried out.

Here are 3 members of LA's Committee talking business over lunch - about our new bags, shirts and badges, available for sale on site!

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